It is one of the critical responsibilities of a website owner to stay concerned about the visibility of the site. If the website is having low visibility, then that will affect the growth and prospect of the business. A website audit is required to be performed at a regular interval. Regular assessment of websites will let you know about the problems on the site, and here you can rely on one of the best providers of SEO Services India
What is a website audit?
A site’s visibility depends on myriad facts, and these are thoroughly checked during a website audit. Professionals having tools to assess the website can easily understand the errors that cause hindrances to the performance of the website affecting visibility. Normally when a website fails to fascinate the potential visitors to convert them into an actual customer, it’s an indication that the site is facing some problems. 
How to start a site audit?
A site audit must be started with proper planning. Here, you should take the assistance of top SEO Services in India providers to assess the problems. The Internet provides lots of options to determine all those issues and fixing them properly after assessing them. Eventually, you will notice that the website starts functioning with a decent amount of visibility online. 
The process to conduct an SEO audit:
If you are planning to conduct an audit of your site, it is necessary to check the processes involved in it. 
Google penalties investigation: The performance of a website gets affected if it's facing any Google Penalty. It affects the ranking of a site despite making enough efforts at the SEO end. Therefore, at first, it is necessary to check whether the errors are algorithmic or manual. The professionals can understand the reasons for penalties and when it was imposed. They will fix the problem so that the site starts getting more visibility. 

Technical audit: Technical SEO audit is a process to make sure whether the site is accessible to any search engine without any problem. The providers of best SEO Services India will do the required checking of mobile optimization of website, speed of the website, HTTPS security certification, 404-page optimization, etc. This audit is a long and elaborate process hence it requires a proper checklist to start. 

On-page SEO audit: Every website needs perfect content to get better visibility. Contents play a crucial role in website ranking on every search engine. 
An on-page audit helps to check the titles, headings, and subheadings to confirm better visibility of the site. Contents should be unique and genuine. Duplicate contents will make the search engine confused, and hence it will lead to the poor performance of the website. 

Off-page SEO audit: Google will overlook a site if it is detected using black hat techniques, be it intentionally or by mistake. This audit will also make sure that your website contains the right content to attract more visitors.
Audit of keyword: Use of the right set of keywords will help the website to enjoy the desired visibility. Comparisons of the industry-specific keywords needs to be done to check it suits the demand of the competitive market or not. Again, too many keywords can also result in poor performance of the site. Ensure you are not using the same keywords on many pages of your site. It will attract google to choose the one with the best content and ignore the rest.
Hence to conduct a proper SEO audit, you can take the help of affordable SEO Services to get a good ranking of the website in the search engine. One of the trusted companies on which you can surely bank on is Dreamz Solutions. Seek the assistance of the experts of this agency for SEO auditing. 

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